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PDEU Journal of Energy and Management (ISSN 2581-5849)

Instruction To Authors

Please prepare your manuscript before submission, using the following guidelines:-

  1. Format: Article files should be provided in Microsoft Word format.
  2. Article Length: Articles should be within 8000 words in length. This includes all text including references and appendices. An abstract of 80‐100 words should be submitted along with the full paper. Please allow about 280 words for each figure or table.
  3. Article Title: A title of not more than eight words should be provided.
  4. Author details: All contributing authors’ names should be added to the submission, and their names arranged in the correct order for publication. A brief biographical sketch (60‐80 words) of the author/s describing current designation and affiliation, specialization, number of books and articles published in refereed journals, and membership on editorial boards and companies, etc. should be provided.
  5. Keywords: Authors should provide 3-5 appropriate and short keywords in the submission that encapsulate the principal topics of the paper.
  6. Article Classifications:
    • Research paper: Research paper covers papers which report on any type of research undertaken by the author(s). The research may involve the construction or testing of a model or framework, experimental research on applied energy science and technology, action research, testing of data, market research or surveys, empirical, scientific or clinical research and modelling and simulation on policy framework leading to validation of sustainability.
    • Perspectives: Perspectives presents emerging issues and ideas that call for action or rethinking by managers, administrators, and policy makers in organizations.
    • Conceptual paper: Conceptual papers will not be based on research but will develop hypotheses. The papers are likely to be discursive and will cover philosophical discussions and comparative studies of others' work and thinking.
    • Management Case: Management Case describes a real‐life situation faced, a decision or action taken by an individual manager or by an organization at the strategic, functional or operational levels.
    • Diagnoses: Diagnoses presents analyses of the management case by academicians and practitioners. The case problems are examined, their causes are analysed, and issues of relevance are discussed. Diagnoses on the economic viability, grid parity and eco-friendliness of conventional and non conventional energy resources are also discussed.
    • Book Reviews: Book Reviews covers reviews of current books on management.
  7. References: References should be complete in all respects, with authors’ surnames arranged alphabetically, following conventional citation styles. We request authors to follow the APA Style developed by the American Psychological Association. Please refer to the following resources (or any recent updates) for more information:
    • American Psychological Association. (2009). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6thed.). Washington, DC: Author.
    • American Psychological Association. (2007). APA style guide to electronic references (PDF). Washington, DC: Author. Available from
    • In this style, the in‐text citation for a journal article appears as follows: Muduli, (2015) concludes that “high performance work system significantly influences organizational performances.” The full reference in the list of references will be: Muduli, A. (2015). High Performance Work System, HRD Climate and Organizational Performance: An Empirical Study, European Journal of Training and Development, 39(3), 239-257.
  8. To whom to submit: The author/s should send a soft copy of the manuscript in MS Word to the Chief Editor, Journal of Energy and Management, Pandit Deendayal Energy University, Gujarat, India.

    Phone No.: 079-23275101