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NAAC Accreditation with 'A++' & CGPA of 3.52 out of 4.00
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Sports Calendar
Calendar 2019-20
Sr. No Tentative dates Events
1 21-Aug to 21-Aug Yoga Indroductory Session
2 05-Sep to 06-Sep Athletics Indroductory Session
3 06-Sep to 06-Sep Taekwondo Indroductory Session
4 01-Oct Football Intra
5 04-Oct to 05-Oct Skating Intra
6 05-Oct to 07-Oct Frisbee Intra
7 09-Oct to 11-Oct Athletics Intra
8 09-Oct to 11-Oct Chess/Carrom Intra
9 09-Oct to 12-Oct Basketball Intra
10 09-Oct to 12-Oct Cricket Intra
11 11-Oct to 13-Oct Lawn Tennis Intra
12 14-Oct to 16-Oct Badminton Intra
13 14-Oct to 16-Oct Kabaddi Intra
14 14-Oct to 16-Oct Kho Kho Intra
15 14-Oct to 16-Oct Extreme Gym Intra
16 14-Oct to 16-Oct Table Tennis Intra
17 14-Oct to 18-Oct Volleyball Intra
18 17-Oct to 21-Oct PDEU Open Tennis Championship
19 21-Oct to 24-Oct Yoga Intra
20 13-Feb to 17-Feb PetroCup 2020