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Management Programmes
MBA Programme

MBA programme is a two-year full-time residential programme at Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU) under the School of Petroleum Management (SPM) .

Each year is divided in three trimesters. The programme also includes six to eight weeks of compulsory summer training for the students. The first year courses of the MBA Programme lay foundation of management with courses like accountancy, finance, marketing, economics, quantitative management, business research methods, organizational behavior, operations management, HRM, etc. Besides, a few foundation courses as well as group projects are offered related to the Energy & Infrastructure Sector to the students in the first year of the MBA Programme with an objective to sensitize the students about the Energy & Infrastructure Sector.

Following specializations are offered during the second year of the MBA programme:
- Energy and Infrastructure
- Finance
- Marketing
- Operations Management
- Human Resources Management

The Energy & Infrastructure specialization allows students to undergo energy & infrastructure management related compulsory as well as elective courses. Similarly, the functional area specialization in Finance, Marketing, Operations Management and HRM allows students to undergo respective functional area compulsory as well as elective courses. The students can opt for a major and a minor specialization from the above FIVE options in the beginning of second year of the MBA Programme.


PGDPMX Programme

PGDPM-X is a two year program for working executives in Oil & Gas, Energy and Allied Sectors. The program is divided into eight modules of seven days each. One module is conducted every quarter. Classes are held from Monday to Sunday once in a quarter. Module- I to Module- III offer General Management courses and Module- IV to Module- VI are sector specific modules focusing on Oil & Gas, Energy and Allied Sector Management. Module- VII and Module- VIII offer elective courses. The programme offerings pertain to General management, Economics, Supply chain, International Geo-Political affairs, Project Management, Finance, Maritime Affairs, Information Systems, Energy Trade and Risk Management, City Gas Distribution and Law- to mention a few.

MDP PRogramme

Modern organizations operate in an increasingly integrated environment. Non-finance managers / functional heads can no longer ignore the financial implications of their strategic decisions. The complexities of the modern businesses coupled with the dynamic financial framework, make it difficult for the non-finance executives to keep pace with the changes. Gujarat has shown remarkable industrial development in the last decade. The rise in business has been coupled with an increase in the demand for professionals with knowledge of finance irrespective of the functional vertical they work in.

The MDP has been designed to empower the participants appreciate the financial implications of their decisions and importance of working in an increasingly cohesive working environment.


PH.D Programme

Research Areas

Marketing, Management, HRM, Organizational Behavior

The University admits students for Ph. D. programme under the following categories:

This category refers to the candidates who work full time for their Ph.D. and may receive fellowship/assistantship from the University as per its policy or fellowship from CSIR/UGC or any other recognized funding agency or may be self financed.

A candidate in the category is sponsored by a recognized R&D organization, national institute, academic institution, govt. organization or industry for doing research in PDEU on a full time basis. He is required to have at least two years of working experience in the respective field. He will not receive any financial support from the University. Sponsorship letter (Form-I) should be attached with the application.

This category refers to the candidates who are working on sponsored projects in any School of the University and admitted to the Ph.D. programme. The duration of the project at the time of admission should be at least 2 years.

This category refers to the candidates who are locally and professionally employed personnel. These candidates should be able to meet supervisor(s) regularly in the University for the guidance on their research work. The applicant must be a regular employee of a recognized R&D organization, national institute, academic institution, government organization or industry at the  time of admission and be engaged in professional work in the discipline in which admission is sought. No financial assistance will be provided by the University to such students. “No Objection” Certificate from the Head of the Institute/Organization in which he   is employed (Form-II) must be enclosed at the time of application.

This category refers to candidates employed in R&D organizations related to Science, Technology, & Engineering having adequate research facilities. The research work leading to the Ph.D. degree may be carried out largely in the parent organization of the candidate under a Local Supervisor from the organization but with the overall guidance and advice provided by a faculty member of the University (School Supervisor) under whom he is registered. The appointment of the Local Supervisor is to be reported to the Director General of the University through the Director of the concerned School of the University for final approval. Sponsorship certificate from the Head of the organization where the candidate is employed. (Form III) is required to be enclosed at the time  of application. No financial assistance from the University will be provided to such students.