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NAAC Accreditation with 'A++' & CGPA of 3.52 out of 4.00
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Sports Club


Sports/NCC/NSS is a compulsory course for undergraduate students in PDEU. We at PDEU encourage students to play various games which help them to develop extra-curricular skills.


Step Up - The Fitness Club of PDEU
Heth Jain
Mobile No: +91 9328888611

"Step-up", the fitness club of PDEU with the sole motto to make fitness an enjoyable experience by creating awareness and providing neccesary fitness solutions which helps in building a fit lifestyle. Club performs various activities like Extreme gym, Plans healthy personalised diet, Fitness workshop, Mindful meditation and many more


Punnerva - The Yoga club of PDEU
Kratika Mundra
Mobile No: +91 8989046876

PUNNERVA is the Yoga and Fitness Club of PDEU. The main motto of club is to promote the best gift of ayurveda to the world i.e., YOGA. We constantly work to motivate and encourage everyone to adapt yoga in there life and get the best of it through proper knowledge. The club conveys yoga practices that balances the body and mind with holistic and professional lifestyle rhythm.


Skating Club of PDEU -
Raghav Lakhani
Mobile No: 9099055310

Learn fundamental movements and link them together into play. Skating is all about balance and concentration. Skating was introduced as a sport in PDEU before 2 years and since then our team has participated in many activities and events like Neon Rush, and Petrocup. We hold regular practice sessions and provide best training to our skaters