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NAAC Accreditation with 'A++' & CGPA of 3.52 out of 4.00
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Sports Academy

In order to develop students as players, PDEU developed a Sports Academy.

Sports Academy Objective

  • To identify students with outstanding abilities and place them in an environment designed to produce sporting and educational excellence
  • To encourage students to maintain their academic interest using sport as the means of engaging them to achieve the best they can be
  • To provide opportunities for males and females to continue playing sport competitively upon leaving school and develop exit pathways to encourage further participation.
  • To develop a culture in which students behave with dignity, professionalism and respect.
  • To provide lifelong learning experiences through teamwork, discipline and cooperation.

Sports Academy Deliverables

  • Access to all the Sporting facilities on PDEU’s campus.
  • Coaching sessions led by an professional external coach.
  • Opportunity for trials  of representative teams of university, which will participate in tournaments all around the nation.
  • Bespoke Sports Academy Kit for players.

Sports Academy Rules

  • All the academy members are treated equally and fairly to ensure they aspire to their full potential on and off the playing field.
  • For students and staff to work within an environment which applies learning concepts, long term development principles and best practice in the development of the elite performance.
  • Only qualified coaches will work with the academy.
  • A culture of improvement and personal development will  drive Sports Academy Provision.
  • Players who are regular to the practice sessions only will be selected in University’s team
  • There will be two groups for coaching:
    - Probable players of the university’s team – Executive Members of Academy.
    - Interested player’s for learning a game / sport – Members of Academy
  • Practice sessions will be of two types:-
    -  First type, only for executive members and
    -  Second type, for all the Members.
  • There will be shifting of players every week from category 1 to 2 and vice versa as per the directions of Office of Sports.
  • Players have to pass a nominal medical / fitness test by the coach concerned before becoming a member of the Academy.
  • Initially the camp will be for one month period & 5 days a week.