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NAAC Accreditation with 'A++' & CGPA of 3.52 out of 4.00
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School of Petroleum Management

Dr. AKS Suryavanshi

School of Management (SoM), formerly known as School of Petroleum Management is running 2 years full time MBA program in Energy & Infrastructure Management and MBA program in General Management. MBA in General Management offers specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operations Management and minor in Business Analytics.
Our program’s effort is to prepare competent, sensitive, and ethical managers and leaders who can contribute for industry, for nation-building and for society at large. Today, the world is faced with issues like carbon emission, net zero emission, energy security, and climate change. We are putting-in our humble efforts through our educational program (MBA in Energy and Infrastructure management) to see to it that some of these issues can get addressed to an extent possible, by our trained graduates. Our MBA program in General Management is preparing professionals to contribute for industry and fulfil the need of trained manpower who can lead and manage the functioning of the organizations in areas like, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operations. We are also running Ph. D and EMBA programs.
At SoM, the students go through rigorous classroom training by our highly qualified faculty, supplemented with regular sessions by expert practitioners coming from business and industry. SoM believes in regular sessions by management practitioners as an essential part of good management education and training. In addition, management conclaves and seminars, conferences conducted annually and international conference once in 2 years, enrich the knowledge base of the students at the school. They also get hands-on experience to organize and participate in such activities. Students at SoM also get opportunities to listen and learn from global experts who are invited to the University from time to time. Fulltime residential program and two years of engaging in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, also add value to the personality development of our students.
Teaching pedagogy at SoM has a balanced mix of lectures, case studies, student presentations, student-research, seminars and other modern methods of education and training in management. Summer internship program of 8 weeks’ duration with organisations, helps students to apply and experiment, what they have learnt in classrooms. This helps organizations to have fresh and innovative ideas coming from these students and getting solutions for their business-related issues by these future budding managers. And students get their learnings reinforced further. In short, SoM attempts to develop highly trained managers to meet the present as well as the future requirements of the business and industry.
The MBA programme of SoM has been well recognised by the industry and business. Excellent placement that the students of SoM have been receiving right from the inception of the school, is the testimony of the quality of the programme.
Our dedicated team of full-time faculty members actively engage in case writing, research, and publications, apart from their involvement and sincere efforts in shaping-up the young minds. We are thankful and grateful for the support that we have been getting from the industry. Experienced senior executives from industry help us in our MBA admission process, designing curriculum, course development, teaching, research, case writing and placement.
Business Analytics Teaching Lab, a well-stocked library and other infrastructure facilities on our campus, help in creating a healthy and convenient learning environment for students and teachers. Modern hostel, cafeteria and sports complex, make campus life liveable, enjoyable, and interactive.
MBA program fees is very reasonable. This offers a good placement record, academic inputs and other things like infrastructure, food, accommodation and other facilities. We also offer scholarships to meritorious students with certain criteria.
We continue to keep our programs relevant with time, the need of the industry and the society.
We welcome the students and their parents to visit our website and our campus for further information. The potential candidates are welcome to apply, go through the selection process and stand a chance to get selected for the MBA Program at SoM.


School of Energy Technology

Dr. Anirbid Sircar

School of Energy Technology (SoET) came into existence in 2007. The vision with which the school was started was to impart knowledge to the young minds and develop capable resources to be offered to the oil and gas industry in the form of skilled manpower.

SoET is a research oriented institute and we also believe in strong industry-academia connect. Sitting on the Director’s chair, I try to motivate engineers to develop holistically. Along with a dedicated team of faculty members and staff, we are developing the school and moving towards excellence with each step we take.

SoET has a good alumni base in Oil and Gas Industry. I feel proud to say that within a short span of time, SoET has built a good reputation with the industry and our placement is reflecting the same.

The Petroleum Engineering program offered at SoET covers the entire value chain from the exploration of hydrocarbon till the supply of petroleum products to end users. Keeping this in mind SoET offers B.Tech degree in Petroleum Engineering with majors in Upstream and Downstream. The school also offers Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Petroleum Engineering. Our academic programs are amongst the best in the country. The school provides an optimum mix of theory and practical, with strong emphasis on industrial applications. The program gives a lot of importance to practical experience for which extensive interaction with industry is built into the curriculum.

I welcome all the young minds and budding engineers to join the SoET family and work towards excellence.


School of Technology

Prof. Dhaval Pujara

Technology is and will be the main driver for growth in this decade. The School of Technology (SOT), the youngest among the various Schools of PDEU was set up with the vision of being the leading centre of innovation and learning in the emerging areas of Knowledge society. The school focusing on emerging areas of technology and management as the engine for growth through innovation, is dedicated to building great careers and ensuring exceptional job opportunities to its students. SOT has seen phenomenal growth in the last eight years with the School today offering seven undergraduate & ten post graduate programmes and more than 120 Ph.D. scholars working in various disciplines for research degrees.

The school is now embarking on a path of fostering career-building by creating opportunities that demand learning, thinking and innovation from each one of us and therefore contribute to the process of building INDIA. We recognise that embarking on this path means taking risks and making mistakes as it contributes to the learning, innovation and growth of each one of us. To that end, we are committed to delivering the best, being seen as the best and being the best.

The school houses several Centre of Excellence like Automotive Centre of Excellence supported by Siemens and Centre for Biofuel and Bioenergy Studies supported by Government of Gujarat through Gujarat Energy Development Authority and the International Automobile Centre of Excellence (IACE) supported by Government of Gujarat and Maruti Suzuki Limited.

SOT takes pride in having professional associations of students and faculty members to support value added activities viz., workshops, conferences, expert lectures and many other events. Green brigade, energy audit group, automotive club and several other groups work for the betterment of the society. The number of events taking place at SOT are a pointer to the capabilities of the school and indicate the new direction we have embarked upon.

We take this opportunity to invite you to be a partner in our journey to build this school and make it a leading technology school in the world.



Dr. Nigam Dave

Dr. Nigam Dave is currently working at Pandit Deendayal Energy University as Director, School of Liberal Studies. Dr. Dave has extensive teaching and administrative experience of 27 years. Dr. Dave specializes in Communication, Literature and Leadership. Dr. Dave has authored, co-authored three books and has successfully guided 2 M.Phil. and 7 Ph.D. researchers. Dr. Dave is also the Head, Office of International Relations at PDEU. He has traveled to US, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia on University and Government delegations. Having joined PDEU right from its young days, Dr. Dave has participated in the institution building and has founded and mentored various students clubs. He has been awarded the Honorary Colonelcy by NCC, Govt. of India. During his leisure he plays keyboard and writes poems.