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School of Liberal Studies, Pandit Deendayal Energy University organized its first Study in India Exposure Program for 12 students majoring in Psychology and 2 faculty members from Edith Cowan University (ECU).ECU delegation had spend two weeks (February 2 to 11, 2016) participating in a structured academic program and relevant cultural activities at PDEU, Gujarat, India. This Study in India Exposure Program offered ECU Psychology students the opportunity to be immerses in Indian culture and see the way the culture has influenced the discipline of psychology in India. A focus of the tour was to compare the delivery of psychological services in India and Australia. This was the first study tour of ECU Psychology delegation to India. The study tour provided students with a programme of cultural exchange and study opportunities that is unattainable during the normal course of their undergraduate study in psychology in Perth. The understanding gained about the Indian culture, Indian people, Indian Psychology and how psychology is applied in the Indian context proved to be invaluable to ECU students majoring in Psychology. Students also had the opportunity of interacting with PDEU students and in particular the student buddies.Rich Indian Culture was woven through out their stay. A buddy system was provided to enhance peer learning. A cultural exposure weekend was planned with an aim to cover a few world heritage sites. Insights about Psychology and its relevant Indian Perspective in the areas of Psychology like Clinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Child Psychology, Forensic Psychology and Criminology as components of Academic deliverables was covered through distinguish Expert lectures and Academic field trips. Games, sports and various social and cultural exchange interactions were facilitated for enhancing understanding of Indian Systems and interpersonal dynamics.


Dr. Eyal Gringart
Program Chair of ECU SIP
Coordinator, International Psychology Programmes, ECU
"ECU –PDEU story is one of genuine, fruitful human and professional relations. Study in India Exposure Program is an articulation of the development of relationship between the two Universities.Psychological issues with people have started since the dawn of time and when you come to India you realize that Indian tradition has exact ways that can deal with the psychological issues of people and thus Indian tradition and culture can contribute to psychology. It is interesting to discover through Study in India Program that motivation for the pursuit of psychology regardless whether it is for academia, research or practice is self liberation."

Dr. Ritu Sharma
Program Chair, ECU SIP
HOD Psychology
School of Liberal Studies, PDEU
"The ultimate goal of any International exposure program is to build attuned synchrony of emotional openness that retains secure emotional bonds which we feel is truly cherished through this Study in India Exposure Program for Edith Cowan University.Study in India Exposure Program crafted behind the philosophy of sharing cross cultural stories interwoven in all facets of psychology offered students with immense amount of learning that is unattainable during the normal course of their study. Understanding gained about the Indian culture, Indian people, Indian Psychology and how psychology is applied in the Indian context proved to be invaluable to both ECU and PDEU students."


Alise Bender
"The Study in India Exposure Program has been an amazing experience that has exceeded all of my expectations regarding student interaction and immersion into the Indian culture and way of life. The academic aspects of the study exposure tour were very diverse as a lot of topics were covered, some of which were outside of the realm of psychology. The cultural activities organized by the PDEU were all extraordinary, and provided an excellent opportunity to grasp the depth of India's history and the influence it's had on today's society. The Indian people's belief and trust in their own psyche is so deep and beyond anything I have witnessed in the Australian population."

Zack Farell
"As for the experience, I wish I could express an eloquent and all encompassing piece of text expressing my gratitude to the PDEU students and faculty members for being such wonderful hosts and demonstrating the tenants of Indian hospitality that we have been taught and through them experienced. The visit to Gandhi Ashram will forever be cherished as it will be chalked off my “bucket list”."

Peter Spittle
"My overall experience has been 10/10! Both, faculty and the students have been great . The lectures were very interesting and both challenging at the same time They made me think about all the knowledge that I have gained in psychology. The buddy system was a great way to help the students mingle and socialize. Furthermore the campus was amazing."

Sherry Murphy
"Walking into the formal welcoming ceremony on our first day was a special moment. The beautiful decorations and colours, elegant outfits, provoking excitement in the air was infectious. The lectures were both insightful and confronting. The lectures made me understand and make sense of some of my assumptions and stereotypes about India. I am truly grateful for this enriching experience as it has left an in delegable print on my heart forever."

Kelly Count
"The guest speakers who took our lectures were unbelievably qualified and it was a real honor to share their vast knowledge with us. The lectures provided us with the real insight into the Indian culture and psychology in the Indian context. Every tour was extremely well thought and well planned. The overall experience was way above what I had expected from the moment we arrived to the moment we leave. I love India, the people, food and will return back soon."


Sanaya M. Patel
BA (Hons) Psychology, SLS- PDEU
Student Program Coordinator, ECU-SIP
"The Study in India Exposure Program has been the first of its kind study tour for the Edith Cowan University student delegation in India. We exchanged stories, beliefs, ideas and words and we all wish to keep them sealed in our minds forever. This program has given us a lot of memories and we wish to bottle them up all."