Out of the Classroom Learning

Apart from excellent academic education, PDPU offers opportunities to explore Indian life & culture through various programs like Rural Internship, Community Development Initiative and trips like Gujarat Explore and India Explore.

Rural Internship:
Rural Internship is a way to sensitize, educate and develop future professionals in energy sector, who are willing to contribute to the industries as well as society. As an initiative, Rural Internship intends to enhance and strengthen students’ understanding on the concept of Rural Development and Rural Management. The internship aims to expose students about the grassroot realities of rural life, strengthen insights and develop skills on participatory methodologies and tools used in rural development.

Community Development Initiative:
PDPU has undertaken community development initiative with an objective to be part of the growth of the community including surrounding villages and university staff and to sensitize and motivate students to be a part of societal progress along with their own development.

It provides a platform to students to take leadership and create an environment of cooperation, compassion and integrity in the campus. So far, CDI has organized Summer workshop for more than 400 children, Diwali workshop for around 100 children, card making workshop and skit competition.

UMANG is the educational initiative by the PDPU students for the children of construction labourers in the compus. Students run the evening school for these children where they learn the basic literacy & numeracy along with importance of hygiene and other social skills.

Gujarat Explore:
The program is offered to students to learn about the socio-economic situation, life & culture of different communities, natural and architectural heritage, history, landscape etc of the state of Gujarat.

India Explore:
India is one of the most diverse countries in world where people have different religions, language, traditions, food and occupations. The India explore program gives an opportunity to students explore rich and diverse culture of India.

Oil & Gas Establishment Tour:
To expose students to various operations of oil and gas industry for enhancing their understanding about the applications of science and engineering principle, PDPU organize Oil & Gas Establishment Tour. It helps students to have real life experience in the industry and interact with professionals in the field of Oil & Gas