Library is basically a collection of sources, resources and services. Library and Information Centre here extensively utilizes Information Technology so that best source and information can reach to the user. The library has been automated using Alice for Windows (AfW) - an international user friendly library package. The software facilitates automated circulation (issue-return) of books and speedy access to bibliographic, location and availability information of the books in the library.

There are 5520 books, 44 journals, 141 CD’s all kinds of newspaper.

Empirical experiences are pre-requisites for scientific and engineering education. The University has created a number of sector relevant
engineering laboratories which are well equipped to facilitate the pedagogic and research process.

Physics Laboratory | Chemistry Laboratory | Concrete Technology Lab | Enviroment Lab | Transportation Lab | Power Electronics Lab | Network Theory Lab | Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments | Thermodynamics Laboratory | Production Technology Laboratory | Radiation Measurement Laboratory | ETC...

Lecture Hall
Air-conditioned lecture halls of the university give the comfortable ambience to the students to learn and develop more. All the Lecture Halls are equipped with Projectors and PC. They have comfortable seating of rotatable chairs. There are around 10 Lecture halls for School of Liberal studies.

Cafeteria & Food Court
The University has ensured that the students enjoy a healthy food diet charted out by a dietitian which is wholesome and nutritious. The food court also provides refreshments throughout the day. The cafeteria is attractively laid out and offers students an eco-friendly environment to relax while deliberating on their academic challenges.

Performing Arts Room
This room is particularly built to keep the Culture alive in SLS. Students prepare and practice for their Dance, Music, Drama etc competition and SLS cultural activities in this room. Theatre, Music and Dance class is also conducted here. It has mirror on one wall and empty space to practice.

Language Lab
To enable students to comprehend and use languages efficiently, PDPU has set up multi-media Language Laboratory (Language Lab) set in 2110 sq. feet spacious room, the Language Lab is fully furnished and airconditioned. The Language Lab at PDPU is a Computer based laboratory with flexibility to conduct laboratory sessions without computers also. The software used in the Language Lab is developed by Globarena Technologies Private Limited. The Software has default 200-hour self-learnable digital program.


Wellness Centre

A nutritious diet and a good workout helps students to combat academic stress. PDPU has set up a state of the art wellness centre which offers cardio & weight training equipment and helps students workout under the expert supervision of a certified trainer.

The wellness centre can look after the needs of more than 50 students per session and is functional throughout the day.

As part of its wellness initiative, the university also provides an open ground for outdoor games, such as football and cricket and practice courts for basketball, volleyball and badminton.

Hostel Life

Each Hostel of the University offers a variety of Social and Academic oriented activities that make it possible to learn more not only about you but also about those living in hostel.

Our in-campus residential facilities offer furnished hostel rooms twin/three sharing occupancy basis. This is an optional facility offered to the students. Separate hostels are provided for female students. There are Wi-Fi enabled hostel blocks which are well-designed to meet the needs of the students. These include emergency medical facilities, a doctor on call, 24x7 access to computer labs and a well equipped and comfortable lounge to facilitate group activities.

Need a roommate?
Roommate Matching
We select a student to share a room with. Later on a student is been given one chance to select own roommate. A student can choose roommate according to personal habits and preferences with similar interest. It is up to students to make contact and enter each others as their roommate preference.



Living with Host family:
The university is developing a facility for international students to stay with a host family.

Hostel Facility for International Students:
The university offers residential facility in the campus.

Access into the Hostel areas is controlled 24 hours Securities. For Girls rooms and their privacy are been taken care of specially.

Furnished Rooms
Rooms in the residence halls vary in shape and size. All are well furnished; some furniture is movable and some furniture is built in. All of the rooms come fully furnished with beds, desks, chairs.

Open Lounges
Each residence hall is provided with ample lounges for kicking back, studying for the next exam, or just relaxing with each other. On ground floor of each hostel has television facility where students can watch it in their leisure time.

Wired Rooms
Each room in all of our halls has two Ethernet ports connected to the campus network and the internet. Students need to bring their own computer of course.

The laundry service is arranged at Hostel. Students can manage with their time schedule. They have to pay as per pricelists.

Fitness Facility
University has its Wellness Center Facility available on charge basis. When living on campus you are more likely to visit these facilities during specified hours