Sports Club
Economic Ride-
Anvesh Rao Nadipelli
Mobile No: 9849168398

ECO Bikes!! Why Eco bikes? Economic instability, climate changes and stay fit are main reasons to ride a bike! The smart and convenient way to ride is here at PDPU. Economic ride brings to you the most economic bicycles on rent! Yes you can rent the bicycles on a bike.

Economic Ride is a bike share programme aimed at encouraging the use of bikes by enhancing the ownership experience and making it hassle free and more convenient for students to go from one place to another. Students don’t face any problem as each bicycle is checked and serviced at regular intervals Through this initiative our students help our environment and make it more green and pollution free.


Knock Out – Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defense Club
Knock Out is the Official Self Defense and Mixed Martial Arts club of Pandit Deendayal -Petroleum University. The club provides training to the students from all the fields including SOT, SPT, SLS, MBA, SPM etc. The main purpose of the club is to increase enthusiasm amongst the students and help them to develop self-confidence.