Sciences & Technical Clubs
Brahmand- Astronomy
Piyush Nahar
Mobile No: 9782177403
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Rohit Shrivastava

“BRAHMAND” - The Astronamy Club mainly focuses on various activities that connect us with our Universe. The club organizes events related to astronomy and astrophysics. The Universe is full of spectacular events which creates a lot of excitement among the people. And the explanation is also covered with mythical beliefs. The Club will make sure to introduce the reality behind them. This club helps Enthusiasts to learn more about astronomy and explore more of deep sky and EXPLORE THE UNEXPLORED!!!


Cretus- Robotics
Binit Patel
Mobile No: 8982480708
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Elijah Toppo

The Robotics Club endeavors to provide a platform for learning about hardware, electronics, fabrication and programming for robotics and its application in the energy sector The club exposes students to latest automation techniques in the oil and gas sector.


Encode- Coding & Computing
Nitik Gupta
Mobile No: 9925300519
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Nishant Doshi

Encode is the coding club of PDPU. The Club’s main objective would be to support Programming as an initiative to empower logical skills as well as object oriented skills.


Mind Ripple- Quiz
Fariburz Irani
Mobile No: 8758305615
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pradhan

The objective of the Club is to ignite and sustain the spark of curiosity in students, which would give PDPU students the edge in this world of mediocrity and uni– dimensional thought. To adorn PDPU students with the jewel called ‘Awareness’ whose dazzle would speak volumes about the glory of their intelligence wherever they go.


Sorriso- Photography
Vidhi Thakkar
Mobile No: 9099760150
Faculty Mentor: Dr.Tajinder Pal Singh

This club is formed to make student aware about photography as an art form. Photography is all about "seeing" things differently -- about thinking and discerning more fluently, so you can see the unique elements and factors that others may have overlooked in their habitual way of looking at the world.


VGA- Film Making
Bharat Garg
Mobile No: 8755003383
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Darshit Shah

This club focuses on spreading a social message to people through their skill and by developing their ideas through script writing, shooting, editing and directing. Typically, it involves a large number of students who work together with single goal in their mind. Its main mission is to develop appreciation for film.


Avionics- Avionics
Ankita Singh
Mobile No: 9924293766
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Indrajit Mukhopadhyay

Avionics, the aeromodelling club, will function as a platform for enthusiasts, professionals and academicians to come together to work collaboratively in the aforesaid domain. Enabling students to learn and apply their learning rapidly is the main objective of the club. Through integrated activities like workshops, lectures, practical demonstrations and interdisciplinary projects, the club intends to cultivate the fresh talent in the domain to be the best in the circuit. By participating and delivering in competitions, this talent can be further honed in terms of skills and motivation. The club will foster innovation in the field of aeronautics and aeromodelling, and empower students to not just create, but to protect and deploy their intellectual property.


Respawn- Gaming
Tanuj Jain
Mobile No: 9950783646
Faculty Mentor:Rohit Makhija

PDPU recognizes the Generation next’s interest in E- Sports and encourages the same. Students share their talent and knowledge of E-sports in games like—Arcade, CS, FIFA, Quake, Racing Games, Puzzles and Chess. E-Sports event annually and students also go to Inter-college competitions.


Anirveda- Economics
Sagar Dadhich
Mobile No: 9414284887
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Prashanta Panda

The study of Economics provides valuable knowledge for making decisions in everyday life and keeping an update of current technologies and research will bring wings to innovative thinking.

Objectives of the Club

  • To spread awareness of latest technologies, research and discovery.
  • To give an insight to different aspects of Economics which touch our daily lives.
  • To help students perform better academically.


  • To enable students to become critical consumers of statistically based arguments about numerous public and private issues rather than passive recipients unable to sift through the statistics.
  • To create self-confidence and self-reliance in order to grow as a successful professional or Entrepreneur.


EnviroFreaks- The Environmental Club
Abhishek Bhalodia
Mobile No.: 9408836313
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anantha Singh

The Environmental Club of PDPU Looks after all the environment related issues and maintain the sustainability of campus.