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Rangtaal 2017

Rangtaal 2017 was organised on the 25th of September. The excitement of the students was mesmerising. The ground was filled till brim. The night started with Maa Ambe’s aarti at 8:15 PM, with Dr. T. K. Reddy Sir, Director General, doing the honours for the prayer, followed by Dr. T. P. Singh Sir, Rinkal Ma’am and Rohit Sir doing the Aarti. Dr. H. B. Raghvendra, Director SOT, was also present for the Aarti. The stage was all set and the crowd were all gathered, so began the Garba night. The event was hosted by students Aditya Dhingra and Mayank Singla. The performing artists for Rangtaal were Amit Thakkar – Deepti Desai and troupe. While the guys wore kurtas and kedias, the girls were all draped in beautiful chaniyacholis and bandhinis. The campus seemed like a beautiful explosion of colours.

The performing troupe were welcomed with huge cheering and claps by the multitude of people. And as they began with their medley of garba tracks, there was no stopping the thumping feet and the swaying hips. Students came up with some innovative garba steps, while the old fashioned styles like teen taali and dodhiyu were also performed as enthusiastically. To add to the frolic, food and beverage stalls had been arranged that served a variety of mouth-watering cuisines. He crowd cheered and clapped to the beats of ‘taravinashyam’, ‘maa no garbo re’ and many more.

And although the flock of tireless wasn’t stopping, the night but had to end. A terrific performance by the music troupe and the energetic performances by the students and teachers made Rangtaal just the perfect garba eve. To spice up the event, prizes worth Rs. 5000 were given away to the best garba performers and best costumes. The event ended with a vote of thanks.


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