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AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for profit voluntary organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. It provides young people with leadership development and cross-cultural global internship and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe, with a focus to empower young people so they can make a positive impact on society.  The AIESEC network includes over 100,000 members in 126 countries and territories. It is the largest youth-run organization in the world. It is present in over 124 countries and has a membership of over 100,000 students around the world.

 AIESEC chapters across the globe along with their partners create, facilitate and offer unique leadership experience through international traineeship exchanges. AIESEC operations include Incoming and Out-going Exchanges (ICX and OGX – receiving and sending participants). Each year, AIESEC provides over 10000 members the challenging opportunity to live and work in a foreign country in areas of management, technology, education and development.

AIESEC’s mission is “Peace & Fulfilment of Human kind’s Potential.”


Launched in April 2011, AIESEC PDPU is the AIESEC chapter working out of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University - Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

PDPU’s mission is to develop global professionals by providing international educational exchange to the university students and to create visibility of the university in the global educational scenario by collaborating with other reputed institutes and student exchange programs. This makes the AIESEC Chapter in PDPU all the more important. AIESEC provides the ideal platform for the students to experience the cultures, working styles and work ethic on a global scale. A unique cosmopolitan culture and a mission to develop global professionals supported by state of the art infrastructure makes AIESEC ‘The’ platform for PDPU.

EVENTS - HR Summit

Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) organized the HR Summit on 12th April, 2014 in collaboration with Aiesec, the world's largest student run organization. The summit revolved around the theme of 'Re-defining employability for Gen Y'.

With diversity and inclusion gaining grip on corporate India in recent years, the need to handle a multi-generational workforce has become important for any industry. The speakers at the event included Bhupesh Chowdary, VP, business development, Adani SEZ and Ports, Sahil Nair, president, Aiesec Ahmedabad and Shubhomoy Saha, director, School of Employability at Ethos HR among others. "It is about trusting the young work force; they are technologically very sound and efficient," said Chowdary. Some challenges were shared by Haresh Chaturvedi, zonal HR head, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages. "The importance of effectively managing a multi-generational workforce has become a challenge. Since India is going to be the youngest country by 2020, it is essential to understand the expectations of youth from the corporate front and vice versa. This will help understand both the generations and achieve a consensus to bridge the talent deficit gap," said Chaturvedi.

Aiesec also conducted a survey, in which it found; scope of growing in the organization was chosen by 95% of the total surveyed; 89% showed affiliation for a job and organization that gives them diverse roles; positive culture and energetic work environment was appreciated by 76% ; 42% said they would opt for a job in which their employers showed trust in them; 34% chose a good brand name and only 21% said they would look for salary and compensation perks in job.

Event Report


Project MAGIC

Make a Globally Integrated Community

MAGIC powered by AIESEC, had been launched with a vision of establishing Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. MAGIC stands for “make a globally integrated community” and as the name suggests its motive to provide students an international platform to explore their passion and contribute to the society in their own way.

AIESEC hosted 31 interns in PDPU from 10 different countries such as China Taiwan Russia Egypt Indonesia Portugal Poland Costa Rica Ukraine and Kazakhstan under its 6 weeks long internship during 15th July - 20th August, 2014 for project called MAGIC.

The interns worked with different NGOs and Schools learning more about Indian way of living and contributing the society. The four NGOs they visited are: Samvedana, Craftroots , Blind People’s Association, Shashikunj Dance Academy

A mutual sharing of culture took place every evening where interns worked in the student clubs of PDPU namely Sorrisso, photography club;  Video Graphics Association (VGA), student film club;  Offbeat, music club; Soul pepper, dramatics and dance club. Rang and jharokha the art and literary club of PDPU respectively arranged workshops for interns to give the interns a better understanding of India in these fields.

The fifty interns from 15 countries of the world showcased their respective country’s special, unique features. From preparing native delicacies, displaying their country’s souvenirs, putting up posters and beautifully decorated charts with information and facts of their homeland. Global Village finally concluded with the intern’s journey to India.

Project Report On Youtube


Vinni Arya from School of Liberal Studies from School of Liberal Studies, 2012 batch


Project Namaste 1

Project Namaste aimed to promote Internationalization on campus, disbanding of stereotypes, cross cultural understanding and varied cultural exposure to the students. PDPU hosted 29 interns from countries Egypt, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Brazil, Vietnam Mauritius, China, Indonesia, Russia and Oman for one month long duration 1st January to 15th February, 2015.

The project provided interns a chance to experience university life in India alongside witnessing municipal schools at Koba and Kudasan; NGOs - YUVA Unstoppable and Blind People’s Association. The interns of Project NAMASTE worked with Jharokha, Women Cell PDPU, Rang & Grow Cook Eat; which are social and cultural clubs of PDPU. Mythological Story sharing session was conducted by Jharokha, Indian snack cooking workshop by Grow Cook Eat, Indian Prop making workshop by Rang & a formal discussion session by PDPU Women Cell.  

To make the interns feel the essence of the true Indian Culture and to educate them about traditional importance and heritage of Ahmedabad city, trip to Adalaj Step Well, Heritage Walk, Gandhi Ashram was conducted. The interns also participated in celebrating Uttrayan on 14th January, 2015. They spent the whole day enjoying the enthusiastic and lively festival, flying kites.

The Global village in PDPU has always been a landmark event and an identity of the projects that PDPU has hosted so far . Global Village was integrated with yet another large scale event called MUSKAAN wherein 100 underprivileged children from Koba School in Gandhinagar and Samvedna NGO from Ahmedabad participated and had one day of happiness with the interns.

Project Report On Youtube - 1 On Youtube - 2


Archana Bakshi

2013 batch



Project Namaste 2

Project Namaste, the ongoing project is hosting 41 interns from 19 countries - Czech Republic, Kuwait, Egypt, China, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Tunisia, Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Oman, Netherland, Austria, Italy and Iran.  They will be undergoing a series of activities during their months stay from 5th July 2015 – 20th August 2015.

Project Namaste aims at not only breaking stereotypes but to promote cross cultural understanding which directly leads to personal development. It is not about what the project has to offer, but what one takes back from the experience.

Project Report

Jay Sorathia and Alay Thakkar


Project Namaste 3

Project NAMASTE 3.0, one of the flagship projects of the organisation in 2 different phases- starting 25th December, 2015 and 20th January 2016 respectively. The project was aimed towards providing interns a chance to experience University life in India, to implement a research on Global issues and apply it for betterment of our society alongside witnessing some amazing activities to have more creative, memorable experience and a shot at developing oneself for better future. The project ensured interns having an integrated impact and interactions with students of University.

Events like Global Youth Impact, Treasure Hunt, Global Village, India Day, Going Global, Global Youth Parliament, Charity Drive, etc were organised by a dedicated team of University students working for the organisation to enhance the experience of the interns during their stay at the University.

Project Report

Pooja Sanandia


Project Namaste 4

Project NAMASTE 4.0 is the 9th project hosted by PDPU & AIESEC in Ahmedabad. AIESEC Incoming Projects in PDPU are hosted with an aim to increase Internationalization on campus, develop leadership skills amongst its students, promote real life learning experiences, disband multi-cultural stereotypes and develop different world perspectives.

Project NAMASTE 4.0 is all about 25 Internationals from 5+ countries interning at PDPU from 15th July, 2016 to 31st August, 2016. NAMASTE 4.0 revolves around the idea of letting the interns experience the University life in India alongside creating an impact on the society. The project supports the following 4 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the 17 SDGs proposed by United Nations in September 2015 :

  • Quality Education

  • No Poverty

  • Clean & Affordable Energy

  • Good Health & Well Being

The major objective of the project was to conduct case studies on above goals by analyzing the ground realities and then suggesting solutions for problems faced by the society at this juncture. Along with this it also focused on providing interns a life changing experience by getting them out of their comfort zones, giving them space to interact with University and local crowd thereby ensuring a fair deal of cultural exchange and personal development. One of the job description of interns was to work with the University clubs and learn an art of their choice ie. Music , Drama or Dance.

Project Report

Ayushi Galundia


Project Namaste 5

Project NAMASTE 5.0 was focused on Sustainable Development Goal No. 4: Quality Education and Cultural Exchange where 34 interns from 16 different countries did cross-cultural exchange for 6 weeks starting from 5th July, 2017 to 17th August, 2017. All the interns participated in various activities and events planned by Team of Project NAMASTE 5.0 at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University - Gandhinagar, India.

The aim of the project was to identify the problems faced by the students, teachers and parents associated with the rural schools of Koba & Raisan and analyse on how it can be solved. At the same time interns shared their culture and ideas with the students of the school making them more exposed to the world and creating a culturally diverse mindset to accept the future changes.

Events like Global Village, Cultural Showcase, activities at Induction week of SLS & SOT students, Ame Pan Gujarati activity, Study In India Program (SIP), Debates & Discussions, Yoga Day, Amdavadi Rush, Birthday & Rakshabandhan celebrations, Art workshops, Sugar-cubes ceremony, etc were organised by a dedicated team of University students working for the organisation to enhance the experience of the interns during their stay at the University.

Project Report On Youtube

Varad Thakkar


Project Namaste 6

by AIESEC in Ahmedabad, in collaboration with PanditDeendayal Petroleum University was based on United Nations SGD 4 -Quality Education. 31 Interns from 11 different countries had participated in the project from 12th July 2018 to 24th August 2018. They went to different schools and taught basic subjects to kids like health and hygiene, sanitation and environment and some foreign languages. Moreover, they also conducted taking sessions on soft skills like communication skills, presentation skills and workshops about their culture and spread awareness about Education in society.

Global Village and Cultural Showcase, two major events happened during the entire project. The interns also participated in various workshops conducted for them in collaboration with different clubs of the university. They also participated in the International Run organized by AIESEC in Ahmedabad. All the international interns were also invited to the Saputara Monsoon Festival conducted by Gujarat Tourism.

Project Report


Footptints 2018

Project FOOTPRINTS by AIESEC in Ahmedabad, in collaboration with PanditDeendayal Petroleum University was based on United Nations SGD 4 -Quality Education. 12 Interns from 4 different countries had participated in the project from 15th January 2019 to 28th February 2019. They went to different schools and taught basic subjects to kids like health and hygiene, sanitation and environment and some foreign languages.

They also participated in Global Village at PDPU and a few other workshops with Rang and Jharokhaclubs of PDPU. Countries: China, Indonesia, Turkey, Sri Lanka

Foot Print


Project World View

11 interns from 5 different countries: Taiwan, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Ethopia participated in one month long internship at PDPU from 15th July – 15th August, 2013.

Avni Gupta
from School of Liberal Studies, 2012 batch



AIESEC Students Year 2019
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Mihir Raval Azerbaijan
2 Abhishek Bhakkar Vietnam
3 Akshit Nahar Egypt
4 Garvit Agarval Egypt
5 Kiranjotkaur Valecha Georgia
6 Ajaysinh Rajput Greece
7 Yashkumar Ashokkumar Ranka Turkey
8 Kaushal Prajapati Turkey
9 Shivangi Gajera Egypt
10 Rudranshi Joshi Egypt
11 Shreeya Sarodia Romania
12 vaibhav Garg Indonesia
13 Aastha Popawala Turkey
14 Ritaja Chakraborty Turkey
15 MEghna Goel Egypt
16 Hetkunwarba Jadeja Turkey
17 Mausam Sheth Malaysia
18 Shantanu Shiva China
19 Aashi chhatiawala Azerbaijan
20 Pranav Mehta Egypt
21 Abhishek Vaghasiya Egypt
22 Karan Maravia Egypt
23 Ravikumar Ponkiya Egypt
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Aashish Sekhalia Poland
2 Harsh Shah Poland
3 Shail Shah Poland
4 Yash Patel Poland
5 Manthan Gandhi Greece
6 Miraj Baldha Russia
7 Deven Mundhava Russia
8 Chiragvan Gauswami Ukraine
9 Rutvik Shah Turkey
10 Hetul Shah Turkey
Outbound Project

AIESEC is being promoted by the University to facilitate global student leadership experiences in PDPU students. The objective of this programme is to shape PDPU student as global entrepreneurs of tomorrow and to help them enrich their education through international experience. This initiative aims to challenge their worldview and help them gain a unique combination of multi-cultural, social and entrepreneurial experience during the formative years of their lives.

Total 74 students have been sent from PDPU on AIESEC internship since 2012.

Outbound Impact Report


AIESEC Students Year 2018
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Zeel Shah China
2 Shashwat Munshi Sri Lanka
3 Harishruta Agrawal Turkey
4 Harsh Patel Morocco
5 Yash Janakkumar Patel Indonesia
6 Vidhi patel China
7 Pooja Pipalia Sri Lanka
8 Nisha khatri China
9 Aditya Mehta Malaysia
10 Nishi Ghodasara Egypt
11 Deep Harsh Patel Bahrain
12 Purshottam Goyal Poland
13 Ansh Mendiratta Indonesia
14 Kaival Falgun shah Indonesia
15 Soorvi Shah Egypt
16 Drashti Rathod Egypt
17 Jinesha Dholakiya China
18 Kushal Bhatt Poland
19 Sakshi Sanghvi Vietnam
20 Aneri Shah Vietnam
21 Bhoomi Sanghvi Vietnam
22 Tvishi Trivedi Vietnam
23 Bhakti Parsana Turkey
24 Purva Gadhvi Vietnam
25 Pearlann Gonsalves Vietnam
26 Rohan Pathak Vietnam
27 Parth Kyada Egypt
28 Smeet Thakkar Egypt
29 Ishaan Kothari Vietnam
30 Parthvi Modi Vietnam
31 Isha Khanna Vietnam
32 Dakshita Jajoo Turkey
33 Aditi Soni Turkey
34 Bhavik Zalavadiya Egypt
35 Jainam Soni Egypt
36 Devansh Shah Egypt
37 Roshan Vadhwani Egypt
38 Smit Pareshkumar Soni Egypt
39 Paritosh Rajyaguru Morocco
40 Nikunj Pansari Turkey
41 Chintan Kotak Indonesia
42 Yash Gondaliya Indonesia
43 Sara Bardhan Turkey
44 Aashna Trivedi Egypt
45 Tanisha Jagnani Egypt
46 Mishka Kanabar Greece
47 Anushree Nair Turkey
48 Rutvik Anada Indonesia
49 Krishna Minny Indonesia
50 Swapnil Gupta Indonesia
51 Meghna Nagar Indonesia
52 Urvashi Bajaj Indonesia
53 Bhavin Khubchandani Indonesia
54 Priyamvada Atmakuri Sri Lanka
55 Foram Masrani Egypt
56 Heer Makadia Greece
57 Rahil Shah Poland
58 Saloni Benani Poland
59 Krupali Shah Poland
60 Shreevardhan Dugar Indonesia
61 Jaydeep Patel Poland
62 Meet Shah Poland
63 Ayushi Gadoya Turkey
64 Samarth Talia Czech Republic
65 Raj Thakkar Czech Republic
66 Dhwani Shah Czech Republic
67 Khushi Parikh Azerbaijan
68 Ananya Yadav China
69 Divyaraj Zala China
70 Ishir Joshi Azerbaijan
71 Pruthviraj Ayachi Azerbaijan
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Devanshi Vyas China
2 Parth Chauhan China
3 Tanmeet Butani China
4 Parth Shah China
5 Rutvik Patel Vietnam
6 Prerak Shah China
7 Dharmik Donga Turkey
8 Shah Devansh Indonesia
9 Rohit Rughwani China
10 Milan soni Bahrain
11 Miraj Baldha Poland
12 Vishv Patel Vietnam
13 Nikhil Vidhani Turkey
14 Anand Soni Bahrain
15 Rohan Bhalodiya Turkey
16 Jeetendra J Manghnani China
17 Nandini Bhargav China
18 Saloni Solanki China
19 Kamal Vipulbhai Patel Bahrain
20 Aniket Singh Solanki Turkey
21 Om rakholia Turkey
22 Jaypal Dhila Indonesia
23 Jhanvi Desai Vietnam
24 Nishtha bhingaradia Vietnam
25 Jankit modi Indonesia
26 Nihar Mehta China
27 Ishan Shah China
28 Dhairya Lakhani China
29 Daksh Bhuva China
30 VEER SHAH China
31 Datvi Panchal China
32 Rishabh shah China
33 Varalikaa Paul Greece
34 Vidhi Patel China
35 Rahil Jani Bahrain
AIESEC Students Year 2017
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Mihir Naik Vietnam
2 Neet Shah Indonesia
3 Priya Detroja Indonesia
4 Stutie Barot Morocco
5 Jenil Dholakiya Vietnam
6 Heer Makadia Vietnam
7 Srishti Mutha Indonesia
8 Arzoo Mehta Egypt
9 Dishi Jain Nepal
10 Harsh Mankad Turkey
11 Uttami Maniar Morocco
12 Sara Saini Morocco
13 Manan Shah Turkey
14 Antara Mandal Vietnam
15 Yash Kukra Vietnam
16 Kunal Bajpai Vietnam
17 Abbas Bharmal Indonesia
18 Richa Patel Morocco
19 Abhishek Bhalodiya Egypt
20 Harshil Patel Egypt
21 Salman Batada Egypt
22 Devang Rathod Egypt
23 Rutviksinh Rana Egypt
24 Shriket Dholu Egypt
25 Suhrad Patel Egypt
26 Shruti Patel Egypt
27 Maitri Patel Morocco
28 Aakash Desai Indonesia
29 Radhika Hothi Turkey
30 Jayghosh Vadhvana Turkey
31 Parth Dave Turkey
32 Milin Malviya Indonesia
33 Parth Patel Indonesia
34 Yash Sachdev Indonesia
35 Vipasha Naik Indonesia
36 Aditi Jain Greece
37 Aditya Aggarwal greece
38 Rahul Patel Indonesia
39 Hetvi Akhani Indonesia
40 Riddhi Advani Greece
41 Viral Dhingani Egypt
42 Divyaka Gupta Indonesia
43 Jay Parsana Egypt
44 Ajaysinh Rajput Turkey
45 Mahima Rajesh Vietnam
46 Henish Panchal Turkey
47 Sapan Kothari Malaysia
48 Vishwasini Egypt
49 Rutva Shah Egypt
50 Parth Hisaria Egypt
51 Krisha Tank Egypt, Morocco
52 Rohan Wadwa Philipinees
53 Aditya Kachoriya Egypt
54 Shashwat Munshi Romania
55 Prathana joshi Egypt
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Kartik Umat Malaysia
2 Harsh Patel Egypt
3 Anvesh Turkey
4 Prashmit Vaghela Malaysia
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Kreya Contractor Egypt
2 Avirat Desai Egypt
3 Darshan Kumar Patel China
4 Neel Ganatra Egypt
5 Dharmik Donga Egypt
6 Parth Modhia Poland
7 Parth Shah Poland
8 Rahul Vakil Egypt
9 yash solanki China
10 Varalikaa Paul Russia
11 Raj Bhalodia Egypt
12 santosh Jethwani Romania
13 Palak Sahu China
14 Trushali Prajapati morocco
15 Abhishek Kagalkar Indonesia
16 monal Vaishnani russia
17 Ankit Pateliya Egypt
18 Nissarg Indonesia
19 Jainam shah Egypt
20 Abhishek Bhalodia China
AIESEC Students Year 2016
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Mansi Kothari Russia
2 Yash Loliyana Russia
3 Akshit Badiyani EGYPT
4 Vaishnavi Gupta Morocco
5 Aarushi Arora Mauritius
6 Dipen Goyal Mauritius
7 Aadesh sanghvi Turkey
8 Rudra Patel Egypt
9 Rakhi Bahrani Indonesia
10 Chintan Tanna Egypt
11 Preksha Burad Romania
12 Preet Pabri Turkey
13 Anurag Velury Mauritius
14 Satyavrat Rana Ukraine
15 Mayur Ramchandani Ukraine
16 Tanay Katiyar Vietnam
17 Ashok Sharma China
18 Shashwat Munshi Egypt
19 Kamal Waghel Egypt
20 Shailaja Jangid Egypt
21 Shuchi Shah Turkey
22 Riya Rajput Russia
23 Shifa Meyaji China
24 Abhijeet Gujaral Egypt
25 Purva Bhut Egypt
26 Manan Shah China
27 Vinal Makwana Egypt
28 Sejal Mehta Greece
29 Nirja Mistry Egypt
30 Lajja Mistry Egypt
31 Pooja Dasani Greece
32 Harshvardhana Gadhvi Egypt
33 Kenil Rajesh Shah Egypt
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Preet Gandhi Russia
2 Rishabh Desai Egypt
3 Milind Amin Morocco
4 Dhara Joshi Egypt
5 Shubham Bhartee Egypt
6 Parth Modhia China
7 Adityasinh Desai Russia
8 Aman Pathak Morocco
9 Vishal Acharya Egypt
10 Jeet Shah Egypt
11 Ravi Patel EGYPT
12 Abhinav Verma Turkey
13 Chinmoy Ranka Russia
14 Abhyuday Singh Thakur Russia
15 Rushik Borad Egypt
16 Rushan Ajmeri Egypt
AIESEC Students Year 2015
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Swagat Baruah RUSSIA
2 Ashwin Bhatnagar RUSSIA
3 Varad Chandibhamar EGPYT
4 Drsika Desai Poland
5 krishali agarwal Bulgaria
6 Blessy Shroff Russia
7 Jhanvi Gadhia Russia
8 Alisha Patel Sri Lanka
9 Pratik Patel China
10 Pratyay Godiawala China
11 Yash Pandya Sri Lanka
12 Anandroop Singh Khalsa Egypt
13 Parth Maniar Egypt
14 Vaibhav Mini Egypt
15 Raenhha Dhami Sri Lanka
16 Siddhi Bhatt Russia
17 Siddhi Tanwar Russia
18 Dhruv Russia
19 Anmol Shah Mauritius
20 Maharshi Patel Mauritius
21 Mohammad Tariq Mauritius
22 Shivam Thakur Philippines
23 Shaivi Dhruv Philippines
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Arpit Russia
2 Kashyap Russia
3 Khushboo Majmundar Bulgaria
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Nisarg Shah Russia
2 Yash Patel Egypt
AIESEC Students Year 2014

30 students participated in “Global Citizen”, AIESEC Internship in Mauritius, Egypt, Russia, China, and Malaysia for a month to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills through international internships centered on social issues.

Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Anaya Vithalkar Russia
2 Himanshu Goenka Russia
3 Jinal Mevada Egypt
4 Yash Patel China
5 Mansi Patel Egypt
6 Devang Patel Egypt
7 Niyati Shah Egypt
8 Dhruv Patel Egypt
9 Niharika Shethgeri Philippines
10 Aparna Patel Philippines
11 Anupriya China
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Jay Hulani Mauritius
2 Abhay Bishwas Russia
3 Ruturaj Sagar Russia
4 Hitisha Dadlani Malaysia
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Jaimin Korat Mauritius
2 Mehul Patel Mauritius
3 Dhruv Prajapati Egypt
4 Nirav Patel Egypt
5 Divyesh Pateliya Egypt
6 Aayushi Shah Russia
7 Dhruv Patel Mauritius
8 Adnan Kureshi Mauritius
9 Kushal Patel Mauritius
10 Pranav Barad Russia
11 Yash Patel Russia
12 Udit Shah Mauritius
13 Preyash Kapadia Russia
14 Shubhankar Banerjee Egypt
15 Javishk Egypt
AIESEC Students Year 2013

AIESEC in Ahmedabad and OIR facilitated and sent 19 students from School of Technology and School of Liberal Studies, PDPU to four different countries for AIESEC’s ‘Global Community Development Programme’ during May-July 2013. These students went to Russia, Egypt, Philippines and Kenya to hone their entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Yash Patel Mauritius
2 Kunal Purohit China
3 Vianca Damani Egypt
4 Krishnaraj Vaghela Egypt
5 Sachin Thakkar Egypt
6 Pulkit Viradiya Egypt
7 Nimit Desai Philippines
8 Vinni Arya Russia
Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Nikita Koka Egypt
2 Manu Arya Egypt
3 Happy Patel Russia
4 Nisarg Shah Russia
5 Hetal Patel Egypt
6 Mahir Bhatt Russia
7 Mehul Parekh Russia
8 Maurvin Patel Russia
9 Mayank Patel Russia
10 Kunal Mehta Egypt
11 Rajat Patel Kenya
AIESEC Students Year 2012

AIESEC is being promoted by the University to facilitate global student leadership experiences in PDPU students. The objective of this programme is to shape PDPU student as global entrepreneurs of tomorrow and to help them enrich their education through international experience. This initiative aims to challenge their worldview and help them gain a unique combination of multi-cultural, social and entrepreneurial experience during the formative years of their lives.

Total 74 students have been sent from PDPU on AIESEC internship since 2012.

During November 2012 to January 2013, 4 students from School of Liberal Studies and School of Technology went to Russia, China and South Africa as part of ‘Global Entrepreneur Programme’ to gain a global perspective.

Sr. No. Name Host Country
1 Pallavi Bhalla Russia
2 Shailaja Shah Russia
3 Devang Patel South Africa
4 Shashank Bajpai China